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The Cause And What You Can Do

Hard water is basically a liquid containing high levels of mineral concentration and especially calcium and magnesium. The water hardness levels are determined by the concentration of multivalent ions in the liquid. In most cases, hard water is formed in the earth’s interior as a result of rainwater percolating in through calcium and magnesium containing rocks and minerals. As a result, the mineral elements dissolve in the water causing it to become hard. By the way, this is my favorite source of hard water info:

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There are two types of water harness, that is temporary hardness and permanent hardness. Temporary water hardness is caused when bicarbonate minerals dissolve in water and in most cases magnesium bicarbonate and calcium bicarbonate. On the other hand, permanent water hardness is caused by the presence of sulphate ions in rain water and specifically magnesium sulphate and calcium sulphate. Unlike temporary hardness that can be removed by boiling, permanent water hardness cannot be removed by boiling since the sulphate mineral elements do not precipitate out of the water as a result of temperature increase.

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There are many remedies and solutions to water hardness. In some cases, the water softening solutions can work for both temporary or permanent hardness but in some cases, each type of hardness must have a specific way to soften it. One of the most common ways of softening water is through the use of washing detergents. In most cases, washing detergents are known to possess chemicals that counteract the effect of the mineral elements in hard water. Sodium bicarbonate or washing soda is one chemical detergent that is known to provide a very good solution for hard water.

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Another perfect solution is hard water conditioners. These have provided perfect solutions and are gradually replacing water softeners in the market. Water conditioners are quickly gaining popularity for their numerous advantages. One reason for their popularity is that they are extremely safe for use by all people. In addition, they are highly effective in water softening. The cost of purchasing and maintaining them is also very low. Water conditioners are numerous in number and vary in sizes. Some good examples of water conditioners include the Rayne Executive 12 water conditioning system, Th Safeway water conditioner and Kinetico water conditioner.

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Hard water can have some adverse effects on home piping systems, our clothes and bodies. It is therefore important to prioritize on using soft water over hard water.